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What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology is a doctor-provided vision correction treatment that reshapes your cornea with a custom designed contact lens while you sleep, giving you perfect vision during the day without. glasses, daytime contacts, or surgery.  Orthokeratology is also sometimes caled "corneal reshaping", "corneal molding", "overnight vision correction" or "ortho-K".  Read more...

How does it work?

An eye doctor needs to examine your eyes to determine whether you have any eye conditions, diseases or any peculiar anatomical features that would prevent you from benefiting from orthokeratology.  Read more... 


We moved!

We are now located at 7633 Nanaimo Street, Vancouver, B.C., right across the street from Boblink Park in beautiful Fraserview, East Vancouver. Click here to see a map.

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